My first readathon day

I didn’t finish nearly as much of Capt. Bluebear as I thought I would. I also didn’t participate in the other online things as much and I realized that I have a lot of “readathon” days only they aren’t 24 hours long. So I think I will do it again, and try to do the real 24 hours. And prepare better! 🙂

I also think I will pick shorter books that perhaps require less attention. Capt. Bluebear is an epic tale set in an alternate universe with many hilarious, unpredictable things happening.  I can’t think of a book to compare it to – sort of like Ulysses (by Homer, not James Joyce) with every fantasy world you have ever thought of tossed in. And it is 700 pages long. I got over halfway done, but feel like a piker!

To take a break I watched an absolutely dreadful movie called Unrelated. Apparently critics loved it but WHY? It is a bunch of people wandering around having boring conversations. The prim.ary character is a clinically depressed woman who is haning around with the teenagers in this summer home in Italy.  She thinks she is having a flirtation with the son of one of the people whose villa she is staying at. I saw no indication that this was reciprocated at all. Eventually she cries, talking with her friend and is no longer clinically depressed. Ye Gods. Tom Hiddleston dances wildly in a  disco at one point. That is the highlight.


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