You plan, the Gods laugh

After I wrote the might THREE in a row posts about runes, I got a horrible head cold. I guess I could have powered through, but since what I wrote was barely worth writing anyway…I thought I’d wait until my head cleared.

In the meantime, I had a long scheduled Ullr blot to be held at my house. Up until the last moment, I thought someone else was going to lead it, but he had a sudden trip out of town so OOPS it was my first time leading one! I think it went okay. The Kindred I’m in usually uses Troth materials but I don’t have any of those, and I am a member of Ár nDraíocht Féin, so I based it on that. The long form of ADF rituals reminds me a lot of High Church Anglicanism, lots of special clothes and items, which I don’t have and even if I did , I sure couldn’t pull off the intricacies of the ritual properly doing it for the first time. So I adapted a solitary ritual, wrote an invocation to Ullr and we passed the horn.  I’m a Sif’s woman and so I kept joking with the clouds coming that Thor was going to show up – he wouldn’t miss a party! In the round of toasts to the gods, the word Thor was mentioned and a big roll of thunder sounded.  Love it!

And then we had a nice feast. I made lilac cordial, gin and club soda cocktails that were delicious as well as a chile verde stew.

I think it would have gone better if more people had known anything about Ullr besides SKIS and HUNTER.  He feels like such an old friend in this house it is hard to remember to do an Ullr introduction.


Runes: Thurisaz

So Thurisaz is viewed as destruction but to me not all destruction is bad. Perhaps just because I had an interesting experience with Thurisaz, I see it more as Thor than a frost giant, more of a helper. My son was exhibiting some personality changes, including a lot of apathy His teachers told me that he was hanging around with some kids that weren’t his usual kind of kid.  They were all very worried about him. So I started imagining him surrounded with thurisaz, letting good things in but keeping bad things /people out – like a buffalo herd stands in a circle to protect the babies. He had a huge turn around and is now doing much better. I did all the normal things too of course but there was really a night and day change in him.

Runes: Uruz

The rune of Audhumla! Of manifestation, of solidity and strength!  As we don’t know anything really about aurochs, I think this is also a rune of mother love – gestational and life giving. – just as the drizzle (in old Norse) is life giving.  I find this a great comfort to chant when I feel stressed, just thinking about the rune helps me feel grounded, centered and loved.

Runes: Fehu

Since my initiation is coming up, I think it would be good for me to consider more deeply each of the runes in the Elder Futhark. The first, of course, is Fehu, the burst of cosmic energy, luck, wealth.  Because I have also studied the Tarot for a number of years this does seem to me to be interestingly relate to the Fool. Fehu and the Fool both have a feeling of divine protection as well as starting off.  Fehu does not feel like stagnant energy to me, there is great movement in it so the wealth is more like the wealth of experiences and active commerce rather than a Scrooge McDuck sitting on top of a pile of coins.

I just realized that I was writing this on the start of the week, so that does seem auspicious!

Book review: Lovecraft Country by Matt Ruff

<a href=”; style=”float: left; padding-right: 20px”><img border=”0″ alt=”Lovecraft Country” src=”; /></a><a href=””>Lovecraft Country</a> by <a href=””>Matt Ruff</a><br/>
My rating: <a href=”″>5 of 5 stars</a><br /><br />
This is a book that made me wish I was a social studies teacher so I could use it to teach about the Jim Crow America. There is a lot of history interspersed with the horror as well as tension that originates not from supernatural forces but rather the status quo every day life of being black in the U.S. in the 1950s. Ruff stays true to Lovecraft while weaving in racism, misogyny and class. All the characters are fully formed and I would love to read more about any of the characters. <br>I was especially impressed by how the resilience of the black characters directly influences their abilities to navigate arcane horrors without losing too many sanity points. Highly recommend.
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