Uruz and Thurisaz

I threw my back out for most of the time I spent with Uruz (and Thurisaz) The peace and abundance did seem to continue even through the pain. There was some drama that would have added a significant upheaval in our lives and it did went away during this time. When I was first studying the runes, I did some magic for protection for my child. During this time the threat went away. So while it seems a lot of the interpretations of it are negative, for my unverified personal gnosis, it has been very powerful and a force for (defensive) good.

Another weird thing is that I’ve tended to sleep much better since I’ve slept with runes under my pillow. ANd my dreams are much more vivid. The best was duringThurisaz when I had a very clear dream of talking to one of the most important (now deceased) people in my life. It again seemed like a protection because with my back I’d begun to feel pretty low, and this dream helped me feel loved and valued.


new experiment etc

I had my rune initiation back in June, which as amazing, and intense. Couldn’t have done it with a better group of folks.

A week and a half ago, starting on Wotan’s day of course, I started sleeping with a rune under my pillow. The plan is to move through the Elder Futhak on a nine day cycle.

Fehu was the first week, and I did notice some changes.  Fehu is the first rune, that explosion of energy and beginnings. In my mind I associate it with an Aries energy but I don’t know if that is “true” or just unverified personal Gnosis.pI started a lot of things, and found some activities to be easier. I started using the UFYH (Unfuck Your Habitat) app and have been really consistent with it, which makes the house somewhat cleaner and easier to live in. I took a mini personal retreat  by taking the day off work on the discount movie day and seeing three movies. (In case you are wondering, no, I didn’t sneak into any! We are our deeds, and being a thief doesn’t appeal to me.) It was wonderfully refreshing.

Probably most importantly to me is that I’ve been having a mini flare of my Crohns. So I’ve been doing the 16:8 diet plan (you only eat 8 hours a day.) After about a week, many of my symptoms cleared up and I am feeling much much better. I also started to find it much easier to do. My hope/plan is to start doing the under 500 calories twice a week again, in an effort to lose some weight, as well control the Crohns. I expect it to be fairly easy.

This week is Uruz. Im only a couple of days in, but I did notice that I had a lot more equanimity with my eldest moving out. And I don’t seem to be free form worrying.