new experiment etc

I had my rune initiation back in June, which as amazing, and intense. Couldn’t have done it with a better group of folks.

A week and a half ago, starting on Wotan’s day of course, I started sleeping with a rune under my pillow. The plan is to move through the Elder Futhak on a nine day cycle.

Fehu was the first week, and I did notice some changes.  Fehu is the first rune, that explosion of energy and beginnings. In my mind I associate it with an Aries energy but I don’t know if that is “true” or just unverified personal Gnosis.pI started a lot of things, and found some activities to be easier. I started using the UFYH (Unfuck Your Habitat) app and have been really consistent with it, which makes the house somewhat cleaner and easier to live in. I took a mini personal retreat  by taking the day off work on the discount movie day and seeing three movies. (In case you are wondering, no, I didn’t sneak into any! We are our deeds, and being a thief doesn’t appeal to me.) It was wonderfully refreshing.

Probably most importantly to me is that I’ve been having a mini flare of my Crohns. So I’ve been doing the 16:8 diet plan (you only eat 8 hours a day.) After about a week, many of my symptoms cleared up and I am feeling much much better. I also started to find it much easier to do. My hope/plan is to start doing the under 500 calories twice a week again, in an effort to lose some weight, as well control the Crohns. I expect it to be fairly easy.

This week is Uruz. Im only a couple of days in, but I did notice that I had a lot more equanimity with my eldest moving out. And I don’t seem to be free form worrying.


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