You plan, the Gods laugh

After I wrote the might THREE in a row posts about runes, I got a horrible head cold. I guess I could have powered through, but since what I wrote was barely worth writing anyway…I thought I’d wait until my head cleared.

In the meantime, I had a long scheduled Ullr blot to be held at my house. Up until the last moment, I thought someone else was going to lead it, but he had a sudden trip out of town so OOPS it was my first time leading one! I think it went okay. The Kindred I’m in usually uses Troth materials but I don’t have any of those, and I am a member of Ár nDraíocht Féin, so I based it on that. The long form of ADF rituals reminds me a lot of High Church Anglicanism, lots of special clothes and items, which I don’t have and even if I did , I sure couldn’t pull off the intricacies of the ritual properly doing it for the first time. So I adapted a solitary ritual, wrote an invocation to Ullr and we passed the horn.  I’m a Sif’s woman and so I kept joking with the clouds coming that Thor was going to show up – he wouldn’t miss a party! In the round of toasts to the gods, the word Thor was mentioned and a big roll of thunder sounded.  Love it!

And then we had a nice feast. I made lilac cordial, gin and club soda cocktails that were delicious as well as a chile verde stew.

I think it would have gone better if more people had known anything about Ullr besides SKIS and HUNTER.  He feels like such an old friend in this house it is hard to remember to do an Ullr introduction.